Last Updated May 2016

Driving Directions to
In Theory Farm

In Theory Farm
Future Farmstead Cheesemaker 

Lindsey Cobb and Rachel Lilly
393 Lipscomb Road
Angier, NC 27501

Visitors Allowed: By Appointment
Offer Private Farm Tours: By Appointment
Purchase Cheese on Farm: No

Rich with history, the farm was built in 1890. However, the farm
was in such a rough state when Rachel and Lindsey purchased it
in 2010, they found themselves constantly pondering if one thing or
another would work out the way they planned. Their answer was
always "in theory, it will." Thus, their farm name was born.

They strive to give all of their animals a life of luxury, whether their
destination is the dinner table or the breeding shed. Their goal is to
humanely, healthily raise and grow the majority of their own food. 
Since they are a small farm, they keep limited livestock numbers.
When possible, they have chosen breeds in need of preservation,
going for quality over quantity.

Cheese Varieties
In April 2016, In Theory Farm was approved for their loan to build a
creamery.  Follow them online as they complete renovations and
construction on their farm on their journey to becoming North
Carolina cheesemakers.

At the Fuquay Grower's Market, In Theory Farm sells their free
range eggs, goat's milk soap, and pasture-raised pork weekly.