Goat Lady Dairy
Artisan Goat’s Milk Cheesemaker  / Artisan Cow's Milk Cheesemaker

Steve Tate
3531 Jess Hackett Road
Climax, NC 27233

Visitors Allowed: Open Farm Days ONLY
Offer Private Farm Tours: Open Farm Days ONLY
Purchase Cheese on Farm: Open Farm Days ONLY

In 1995, Ginnie Tate, aka 'the Goat Lady', her brother Steve and
his wife Lee opened Goat Lady Dairy in the lovely rolling hills of
northeast Randolph County in the North Carolina Piedmont. They
started with restoring a 200 year old log house and outbuildings on
an abandoned tobacco farm. Then they built a new dairy barn
complete with milking parlor, goat loafing barn, dining room and a
licensed cheese making room were added. From the beginning,
their dream was to connect our urban neighbors with the land and
goats through hand crafted cheese and farm events.

Goat Lady Dairy wanted to share their message: when you know
your food, your farmer and your cheesemaker you make choices
that care for the land and change the world for the better. What
started as a family dream has grown to include cherished staff,
invaluable partner farms and a community of loyal customers.

Twice a year, visitors are welcomed to Open Farm Days where
they can enjoy the afternoon touring the farm, tasting cheese, and
learn about local food.

Cheese Varieties
Goat Lady Dairy makes a variety of fresh goat's milk cheeses in
addition to their goat and cow's milk soft-ripened and aged

Goat Lady Dairy's goat's milk and cow's milk cheese is available
at local farmer's markets and distributed by Cornucopia Cheese
and Specialty Foods. Visit the farm's website for the full list of
where to buy Goat Lady Dairy's cheeses.

Last Updated January 2015

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