Chapel Hill Creamery
Farmstead Cow Dairy

Portia McKnight & Flo Hawley
615 Chapel Hill Creamery Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Visitors Allowed: Only during CFSA Piedmont Farm Tour
Offer Private Farm Tours: No
Purchase Cheese on Farm: No

Chapel Hill Creamery is a 37-acre dairy and cheesemaking
farmstead located just minutes from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Their story begins back in 2000, when with over 20 years
experience in the food-retail industry, Portia and Flo decided to
follow their passion of cheesemaking. Not only did they want to
make cheese, they wanted to make cheese from the milk of their
very own herd of cows.

By 2001, they were selling their very first batch of handcrafted
artisan cheese at local farmer's markets. They milk and make a
range of delicious handcrafted artisan cheeses throughout the
year. They also raise heritage-breed pigs on whey.  Whey is a by-
product of the cheesemaking process - it’s high in nutrients and
gives the pork a tender texture.

They chose Jersey cows for the farm. In addition to their beautiful
eyes, they produce rich, creamy milk and can handle our hot North
Carolina summer climate well. Each cow has her own distinct
personality and they name each one! They work hard to ensure a
low-stress environment for their cows. Their cows have good
pasture access, and proper handling of calves and adult cows
help to keep their herd healthy and happy. 

Cheese Varieties
Chapel Hill Creamery is classified as a farmstead cheesemaking
facility, meaning that they use milk only from our own herd and not
from any other sources. Their delicious handcrafted artisan
cheese is hand-crafted in small batches, producing 6 to 8 different
varieties from fresh to aged.

You can find their cheese at four North Carolina farmers’ markets:
Downtown Durham, Carrboro, Hillsborough and the State Farmers
Market in Raleigh. Their cheese is also available at retailers and
restaurants throughout the state. Fellow Trail member, Heirloom
Provisions, ships their cheese nationwide. For a full list of
locations where you may purchase their cheese, visit their

In addition to hand-crafted farmhouse cheese, their whey-fed pork
and Animal Welfare Approved pasture-raised beef are available for
purchase at local farmer's markets and served in local

Last Updated March 2016