Calico Farmstead Cheese, LLC
Artisan Cow’s Milk Cheesemaker

Anna Gerringer Amoriello / Jackie Gerringer
3737 High Rock Road
Gibsonville, NC 27249

Visitors Allowed: By Appointment
Offer Private Farm Tours: By Appointment
Purchase Cheese on Farm: Yes

They are family owned and operated. The dairy was started in
1949 at their location. They started making Mexican Style cheese
in 2005.  In 2008 they began making other fresh and aged cheese
to begin selling at local farmers' markets.

They use milk from Larry Gerringer Dairy where the cows are
grazed on chemical-free grass pasture. The cows eat organic hay
and forage, all the other feed is conventional.

By definition, Artisan Cheese is manufactured by hand using the
traditional craftsmanship of skilled cheese makers. This is the way
they treat their cheese at Calico Farmstead, giving each batch
special attention to get the best final product. In their workroom
they make the cheese in small batches, this gives the customers
cheese that is more complex in taste and variety. Some are
ripened and some are fresh with mild flavors.

Cheese Varieties
They make a variety of fresh and aged cow cheese including: 
mozzarella, fromage blanc spreads, queso fresco, requeson
(ricotta), farmers, feta, skillet cheese (plain and jalapeno), and
cheese curds(chunks).

You may purchase their cheese at Deep Roots Market, Weaver
Street Market, Company Shops Market, Durha Coop, and on the
farm by appointment.

Last Updated January 2018

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