Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, LLC
Farmstead Goat Dairy

Johnny and Robin Blakley
3255 Buffalo Creek Farm Road
Germanton, NC 27019

Visitors Allowed: Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Closed Christmas Day
Offer Private Farm Tours: By Appointment
Purchase Cheese on Farm: Yes

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery is a farmstead goat dairy
located in Forsyth County. The farm’s Nubian dairy goats live on-
site and are milked daily with the cheese being made in small
batches on the farm. No outside milk is purchased.

Buffalo Creek is located in one of the last predominantly
agricultural areas in Forsyth County, containing Forsyth County's
only commercial cow dairy and their goat dairy. That area was
adopted into a Voluntary Agricultural District in 2008.

Their 34-acre farm was originally a portion of a former civil war
plantation that grew tobacco in the Piedmont of North Carolina. It
then transitioned to a cow dairy and a fish farm before becoming a
goat dairy.

In 2011, they began construction of a handicap accessible Farm
Store and creamery and became a licensed farmstead Grade B
goat dairy in 2012 producing both aged raw milk and fresh

Cheese Varieties
They produce aged raw milk cheese, fresh chevre, brined and
marinated feta, flavored Farmers cheese along with Queso

You can find their cheese at several North Carolina Farmers
Markets including Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market
(Winston-Salem), Moravian Square Market (Rural Hall), Peachtree
Farmers Market (Bermuda Run, NC), The Budding Artichoke (High
Point, NC) and Let It Grow Produce (Winston-Salem). Their
cheese is also being served at several local restaurants.

Buffalo Creek’s on-site Farm Store is open daily, except
Christmas Day, Monday - Saturday 9 - 6 and Sunday 1 - 6. In the
Farm Store, located on the top floor, is where their farmstead
goat's milk cheese and farmstead meats are sold along with
pastured eggs, goat’s milk soap and other local North Carolina
products. This is also the place where you can view a video tour of
cheese production in the creamery, the farm, the farm’s products,
and livestock (dairy goats, sheep, cattle, and livestock guardians -
- - llamas). All of the farm’s livestock can be viewed from the
Farm Store’s porch too.

Come see the girls, sample and talk cheese!

Last Updated April 2017

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